Wheel Estates Residents Lobby Rent Board to Raise Rate

iberkshires.comBy Tammy Daniels

Residents of Wheel Estates Mobile Home Park advocated for a rent increase that will them to buy the park.

NORTH ADAMS, Mass. — It wasn’t the first time a crowd of irate mobile home owners attended a Mobile Home Rent Control meeting. But Wednesday was surely the first time they had ever demanded a rate increase.

“You’re here for the rent control … Give it to them so we can have a place to live,” implored resident David Campbell after the board said it could not act without a formal petition. “We want to live normal like everybody else.”

A newly formed tenants cooperative at Wheel Estates is hoping to buy the park for $2.73 million from Morgan Management but has to have its finances in order by March 27. Morgan, which has been shedding real estate holdings in Berkshire County, already has another buyer waiting in the wings.

Wheel Estates residents are worried that will mean another negligent landlord. Rather than see rents go into a corporation’s pocket, they want it to go into the detiorating water system, pothole-ridden roads and other neglected infrastructure. Continue reading