India Considers Easing of Rent Control Laws

Modifying rent control act would ease housing shortage

By Indo Asian News Service | IANS India Private Limited – Sat 22 Sep, 2012


New Delhi (IANS)- To help bridge the housing shortage of over 18 million units, the government is planning to modify the rent control law to encourage owners to rent out their homes.

Stating this at a press conference to release a panel report on urban housing shortage, Minister of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation Selja said she has “discussed with state governments the need for a relook at the archaic rent control act”. This would help bring about 11 million houses lying vacant into use for occupation. “Mutual contract should be effective in settling the rent,” the minister said.

Another proposal is to include the builder lobby in constructing houses for the poor sections, which would help bridge the housing shortage for the economically weaker sections – at over 10 million, and the lower income group – at over seven million.

“Housing should be made part of the infrastructure sector or declared an industry,” Selja said, adding that it should be made lucrative for the construction lobby to build houses for the weaker sections.

Another proposal is that houses that are over 80 years old – 2.2 million – should be shifted to new units.

Another proposal is to address congestion – of a married couple having perforce to share a room with another adult due to shortage of space. The 15 million households facing congestion would be enabled to “create extra space or build extra rooms through support from public agencies”.


Source: Indo Asian News Service