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Activists want public vote on alternate rent control ordinance

by Al Sullivan, Reporter staff writer | Jul 18, 2012

Taking a lesson from the children’s story about the little engine that could, rent control advocates who opposed to changes made by the City Council late last year are seeking to put the matter on the ballot in November.

The City Council passed an ordinance last November that would abolish rent control once current residents moved out of a currently rent controlled apartment. Opponents of the measure sought to put the matter on referendum several times earlier this year, but failed to meet the legal requirements for proper notice on petitions or to obtain the minimum requirement of signatures.

Saying that they have a new lease on life, the rent control advocates are taking a different approach and will seek to propose their own ordinance.

“This is similar to a referendum in that it would put this up to a public vote,” said Bayonne City Clerk Robert Sloan. “But in this case, they would have to draft their own ordinance.”

This ordinance would be presented to the City Council, and then if the group has enough valid signatures, it would go on the ballot in November. Continue reading