Tenant Advocates in Bayonne Not Ready to Quit

The Bayonne Tenant’s Organization is once again challenging a rent control law adopted by the City over two years ago. After falling 122 signatures short of getting its rent control ordinance on the May ballot, the organization was able to collect nearly 2,000 signatures to place the initiative on the upcoming November ballot.

In 2011, Bayonne adopted a vacancy decontrol law that allows property owners to apply to have units in their buildings removed from rent control guidelines. Under the current Bayonne law, owners can opt out if a tenant willingly moves or is legally moved. Although the tenant’s organization came up short in the November 2012 ballot, a Bayonne law allows petitions such as this to be brought up as many times as they want as long as 10 percent of the number of voters from the previous election sign the petition.

With nearly double the amount of signatures from the November 2012 election secured, the Bayonne Tenant’s Organization is confident about building a positive campaign to have the decontrol law repealed.