Is the Income Inequality All About Property Rights ?

An article in the Orlando Sentinel takes a look at the current income-inequality debate in the United States as President Barack Obama is set to deliver his State of the Union speech tomorrow night, Tuesday, January 28th. The writer of the piece believes that until The President realizes the connection between private-property rights and long-run income creation, our country will continue to see more laws, more force, more regulations and more income inequality.

U.S. Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Another Rent Control Challenge

The US Supreme again refused to hear a challenge of rent control laws this time involving a long running challenge of a mobile park ordinance in California. What was particularly interesting about this case was that the owners had a achieved a favorable lower Court ruling which declared the ordinance unconstitutional based on the finding that the ordinance did nothing to promote affordable housing. If the Supreme Court ever gets back to the notion that rent control laws must be rationally related to achieving some desirable public purpose, no rent control ordinances would withstand that test.

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Hoboken Rent Control Reform May Still Be Alive

Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer has called upon the New Jersey Attorney General to investigate the November 2013 election in which a referendum to change to rent controls in Hoboken was narrowly defeated. The mayor has questioned whether or not approximately 280 discounted vote-by-mail ballots should have been tallied in an election that was decided by a mere 122 votes.

The mail-in votes, which were rejected due to concerns over undisclosed assistance and whether signatures matched each voter’s registration, could play a large role in an in-court challenge by property owners over the November result.