Information for Owners Who Wish to Help Families Displaced by Hurricane Sandy


In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, a storm that has affected so many people in and around New York City, RSA members have expressed their desire to help the displaced families who lost so much by offering vacant units for short-term or permanent use. Currently, there is a very serious need for housing for many City residents seeking relocation in the wake of the storm.

RSA has teamed up with Urban Edge,which has created a special Hurricane Sandy Disaster Housing Guide, to provide an opportunity for owners to list vacant apartments, at no cost, for short-term or permanent rental. RSA members who want to participate will not be required to list their apartments on the main Urban Edge website but can chose to do so. RSA members who just want to provide a general listing on the Disaster Housing website can do so by emailing listings or owners may contact Mark Sperry at 212-929-2780 or  

Go to to get started.

RSA continues to work with City as well as various non-profit agencies in an effort to provide housing for these families. Owners of rent stabilized apartments can offer only 1-year and 2-year leases, not short-term leases;  however, a lease rider can give tenants the right to cancel prior to the end of the lease.


If you participate through Urban Edge, please contact Courtney Ronner at to let her know of your involvement.


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