Mayor de Blasio Hypocritically Touts Another Affordable Housing Development

Mayor de Blasio recently announced another “affordable” housing project that blatantly runs counter to housing policy directions he has strongly supported.

The Mayor has consistently voiced his opposition to the “two door” policy in which publicly subsidized affordable housing developments provide two separate entrances: one for market rate apartments and another for the “affordable” housing units.

In a recently announced housing development in Brooklyn Heights won the right to build market rate apartments above a public library but the “affordable” housing units will be built ‘offsite’, that is, in a totally different neighborhood. Offsite housing runs counter to another strongly held de Blasio belief: that subsidized market rate developments should further the goals of income equality and economic integration by offering “affordable” housing in the same development.

Even though this project clearly runs counter to the basic housing policies the Mayor is pushing city-wide, housing advocates have stayed conspicuously silent on the Mayor’s hypocrisy on this particular housing development approval.

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